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339 30th St NOLA, 70124


Mon-Sat 7-5pm




Hydroseeding is a mechanical method of applying seed, fertilizer, and mulch to land in one step. Hydroseeding typically consists of applying a mixture of wood fiber, seed, fertilizer, and stabilizing emulsion with hydro-mulch equipment, which temporarily protects exposed soils from erosion by water and wind. The most common type of seed used is Bermuda and Rye is also applied during the cool season. The seed must be watered continuously until germination occurs, which is usually 3 – 5 weeks. We have a minimum application of 12,000 square feet.


Sodding a yard, as opposed to hydroseeding, provides an insta-lawn. It typically takes 1 – 2 weeks in the warm season for a sodded lawn to “take”, or become rooted. Watering is necessary every morning for 15 minutes for the first three weeks and cutting back the frequency after that. While there is no minimum to sod a lawn, a good indicator of the size of a job would be to take measurements of the area, and decide if your project is a DIY or you need to call in the reinforcements. A pallet of sod is roughly 450 square feet, so this will give you an idea of what step to take next.

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